Definition of Stock Market :

Rooms No. 5174, and the Union Stock Exchanges (TOBB), Act 28 According to article; “Written within the framework of this Law, including the Commodity Exchange stock market trading and stock market prices in the detection of substances, registration and declaration of the affairs of the institutions with public legal entity established to be busy.

” When it is mentioned the stock market shares are traded on securities exchanges typically come to mind. However, there are differences between stock exchanges and commodity exchanges. The main difference that separates the two; trade of agricultural products, processed be exchanges.

Commodity exchanges, legal, financial and administrative autonomy for the institutions designated boundaries of the legislation. In other words, the state without any financial burden to raise funds for themselves, use, and even government organizations are organizations that transfers the source. In addition, managed by committees elected from among its members. This aspect of the libertarian integral part of democracy. Commodity exchanges are an important part of the market economy at the same time. Because, trade exchanges, prices of agricultural products, composed of the supply-demand conditions.

Duties of The Stock Market :

Rooms No. 5174, Stock Markets and the law of the Union 34 tasks according to the commodity exchanges:

a) Substances, including the stock exchange, issued and registered to trade on the stock market.

b) Substances included in the prices of the stock market in the stock market every day of the procedure, determined and declared to office.

c) Buyer and seller, the delivery and pick-up payment terms with its obligations under the terms of the liquidation proceedings, effect on prices, terms and voluntary arbitration procedures for disputes that arise and to make general regulations will come into force with the approval of the Union.

d) Domestic and overseas markets following the stock market and the price to make communications, electronic commerce and internet networks to guide members about.

e) Edit and approve the documents specified in Article 51.

f) Substances included in the stock market in order to identify the types and qualities of the laboratory and technical consultants to set up or kurulmuşlara to participate.

g) Regions of the stock market in the customs and conventions to identify, present, and to announce the approval of the Ministry.

h) Activities offered by the authorities on issues related to the stock market, wishes and requests to its members the benefit of the whole or a part of the event or on its behalf to sue on behalf of the members.

ı) May have an impact on competition in the agreements, decisions and concerted action to inform the relevant authorities in determining the nature and monitor its implementation.